A2 Milk in Ayurveda

Ayurveda explains cow milk as a sattvik (fresh, natural and bereft of any additives and chemicals) food. Cow milk is more than just a food or nutritional need. It is a gift from Mother nature that has been prominent since the ancient times.

In Ayurveda, foods categorised as “Rasayana” have high nourishing and rejuvenation properties and milk is one of them. Milk along with ghee and curd made from desi cow milk, are regarded as sacred and essential elements of ayurvedic medicine.

It is also believed that 33 Gods and goddesses reside in desi cow, which make cow milk and products prepared from desi cow milk sacred.

Here are a few benefits of cow milk, ghee and curd as according to Aayurveda.

  • Good for vital organs including the brain, eyes and the heart as well as skin, hair and overall health.
  • Easy to digest and thus recommended to children with poor digestion.
  • Considered naturally pure and thus is used in Hindu religious practices like “Homa” and “Yagya”.
  • Used as an essential ingredient in “Panchgavya”, a traditional concoction used in most Hindu rituals.
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