What is A1 and A2?

All cows, Desi or Imported, have beta-casein protein in their milk. It accounts for about a third of the total milk protein.

However, it’s the type of beta-casein that makes all the difference. A1 and A2 are the two kinds of proteins found in a cow’s milk. A mutation occurred nearly 10,000 years ago in dairy cows in Europe (like the black and white Jersey) which produced A1 as the dominant breed. 

Indian Cows, or Bos Indicus, however have the A2 protein in their milk

How do I know that it is A2 milk?

Researches have shown that milk obtained from pure Indian breed of cow has A2 allele of gene. In our farm we have 100 plus pure Bos Indicus cows (Sahiwal breed). Milk from only these cows is used to serve each one of our precious customers.

How fresh is this A2 Milk?

Our A2 Milk is as good as having your own cow at home. We chill the A2 Milk immediately after A2 Milking to avoid any form of bacterial growth and also to maintain freshness and quality. We deliver within few hours after chilling.

Is this A2 Milk natural?

Yes, Our A2 Milk is natural A2 Milk. Our cows are fed with natural fodders, cattle feeds, and minerals. We don’t use any growth hormones or other A2 Milk inducing agents to increase A2 Milk productivity.

How do you make sure A2 Milk is not adulterated?

We have setup very high standard quality measures, which our dairy farms follow very strictly. Since A2 Milk pouches are completely sealed, there is no chance for adulteration.

Why is A2 Milk good for children?

Since we don’t process the A2 Milk, our A2 Milk contains all good minerals ranging from calcium and phosphorus found in the A2 Milk. Calcium is abundant in our A2 Milk that helps to build strong bones and teeth for growing children. Raw A2 Milk has both water and fat soluble vitamins. It’s a complete food. It carries full vitamin A and D. Raw A2 Milk has about 60 functional enzymes which perform various functions in our body.

What type of feeds you use?

We use natural fodders (grown locally), cattle feeds, and minerals.

What time do you deliver A2 Milk?

We deliver A2 Milk everyday morning or evening. It varies between apartments. If it’s morning we deliver between 5:30am to 9:00am. In some places this timing may vary.

Can I increase or decrease quantity of A2 Milk anytime?

Yes you can.

Why your milk is expensive?

Desi Organic Milk is an elixir and elixir is always precious and scarce and expensive. Indian Cow milk yield is less in comparison to foreign cow and buffalo. It’s natural, pure, and fresh milk. Its production cost is high as our cows are naturally grazing herbs everyday on organic farm and leading happy life. Cows are cared with high empathy and love. Our milk is unprocessed and supply of milk in natural, pure and fresh manner. We have developed the quick supply mechanism, which is again an additional cost. We naturally and manually do milking which results in less but pure yield. It is essentially used in the promotion of dairy farming and creating a happy environment for cow.

Can I visit your farm?

Absolutely. Please contact us with the day you would like to visit. We will be happy to take you around.

What is the current government’s view on Desi Cow milk?

Government has initiated nation-wide campaign to save Indian cows so that our future generations can reap the benefits of A2 milk. Various state governments are also keenly working to promote rearing of Desi Cows.

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