Our Dairy Farm

Covering a 10 acre space, our farm is nestled in the lush green Aravalis away from the din and blare of city life. It is characterised by all things natural. You could hear the chirping of birds during the day and literally see the stars by nightfall. In keeping with the Vedic principles of cow rearing, we have kept the majority expanse of our farm open. Our cows roam freely here grazing upon organically grown green grass—an essential component of their diet to produce high quality milk. Most elements of dry fodder such as maize, wheat, groundnut, millet, sorghum, and pulses are grown on the farm itself.

A clean and well-maintained shed provides protection from harsh weather and predatory animals at night.

The feeding and milking zones are cleaned regularly. Therefore, our happy and healthy cows give pure and healthy MilkOfLife.

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