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MilkOfLife is a brand that believes in the Vedic postulates of health and purity. Our farm and all resources upon it have been planned following a lot of research and attention to details about rearing and nurturing happy and healthy cows. A visit to our farm will quite literally transport you to the idyllic landscape of green pastures amid the lush Aravalis. Here, you will find the traditional apparatus to rear happy desi cows that produce fresh, organic, and highly nutritive raw (A2) milk.


Our Dairy Farm

Covering a 10 acre space, our farm is nestled in the lush green Aravalis away from the din and blare of city life. It is characterised by all things natural. You could hear the chirping of birds during the day and literally see the stars by nightfall. In keeping with the Vedic principles of cow rearing, we have kept the majority expanse of our farm open.

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Meet Our Cows

Very early in our research, we found the life-giving properties of milk produced by our indigenous Indian cows. Remember the times when our grandparents would tell us of consuming litres of milk, curd, yellow butter, and paneer to stay healthy? Or, the mouth-watering taste of makke ki roti and sarson ka saag dipped in desi ghee?

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Fresh A2 Milk

Freshly extracted (A2) milk is immediately packed in insulated Milton flasks to preserve their freshness. Then, it is immediately dispatched to your homes. We do not compromise on the quality of milk. Therefore, no preservatives or adulterants are added at any step to ensure you get absolutely fresh, wholesome, and organic (A2) milk.

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Why A2 milk ?

Naturally Pure & Unadulterated

The term A2 denotes a specific protein found in cow’s milk and is seen in comparison with the A1 milk protein. The distinction between these two bovine milk varieties is not just appellative. The A1 and A2 protein milk types show a marked difference in the way they are digested by the human body. Simply put, the A2 milk resembles the human mother’s milk, while the A1 milk despite only varying by a single amino acid is difficult to digest.
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Benefits of Cow Milk

Benefits of Cow Milk

A2 milk is cow milk produced from desi Indian breeds with a hump on their back. A2 milk contains the A2 protein which makes it more nutritional and healthy.

Milk Adulteration

Milk Adulteration

Adulteration of milk reduces the quality of milk and can even make it hazardous. Adulterants like soap, acid, starch, table sugar and chemicals may be added to the milk.

A2 Milk in Ayurveda

A2 Milk in Ayurveda

Ayurveda explains cow milk as a sattvik (fresh, natural and bereft of any additives and chemicals) food. Cow milk is more than just a food or nutritional need.


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