Why A2 Milk?

The term A2 denotes a specific protein found in cow’s milk and is seen in comparison with the A1 milk protein. The distinction between these two bovine milk varieties is not just appellative. The A1 and A2 protein milk types show a marked difference in the way they are digested by the human body. Simply put, the A2 milk resembles the human mother’s milk, while the A1 milk despite only varying by a single amino acid is difficult to digest.

Researches show that consuming the A1 milk over a prolonged duration can cause cholesterol deposits, Type 1 Diabetes, and in some cases even autism and neurological problems. A2 protein milk, on the other hand, is the Milk Of Life. It is highly nutritive containing proteins that cannot be produced by the human body. Therefore, these have to be obtained from the diet. In other words, through direct consumption, or, through milk products.

Now, Milk Of Life brings to your doorstep organic, pure, and absolutely fresh A2 protein milk. Daily consumption of this elixir will transform you from the tip of your toes to the very end of your hair strands. You will see every member of your family bloom with physical and mental health. You will gradually notice that your body’s overall immunity has increased with a balanced ingestion of Vitamins A, B2, B12, and D; light and digestible Protein; and Minerals such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Selenium, and Potassium.

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