Very early in our research, we found the life-giving properties of milk produced by our indigenous Indian cows. Remember the times when our grandparents would tell us of consuming litres of milk, curd, yellow butter, and paneer to stay healthy? Or, the mouth-watering taste of makke ki roti and sarson ka saag dipped in desi ghee? We eat so little today and yet suffer from numerous stomach and other disorders? Our favourite “Olive Oil” does not seem to enhance our immunity in any way. Why?

The reason is simple. A few decades ago, India became the largest exporter of milk in the world. In order to achieve this goal, our own desi cows were abandoned to embrace the high milk yielding foreign breeds of cows. Gradually, people began experiencing stomach and other discomforting problems. The doctors were quick to blame milk produced by bovine beings. Thus, starting a period opposed to bovine milk. We forgot that the ghee and milk we were now consuming came from genetically-modified Jersey cows. 

To rectify this problem, we have hand-picked our cows—mostly Sahiwal and Gir —to ensure that you get the taste and benefits of pure and organic (A2) milk. A2 milk protein is recognised across the globe for its nutritional value.

We nurture our desi cows with love and care. They roam freely; feed upon organic fodder; breathe non-toxic fresh air. We do not administer oxytocin or antibiotics to our animals.  Newborn calves are kept exclusively with their mothers. Calves, a few weeks or months old are provided their mothers’ nourishing milk and care. So, all our cows stay happy throughout their lactation cycle to produce the best quality milk.


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